Angel Aura Rose Quartz Point Tower 90-110mm
Angel Aura Rose Quartz Point Tower 90-110mm

Angel Aura Rose Quartz Point Tower 90-110mm

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These angel aura rose quartz points are truly unique and distinctly recognisable by their magical iridescent metallic sheen. Angel aura quartz crystals are highly energetic stones which provide a stabilising and emotionally balancing energy.
Each of these would make the perfect piece for any altar, centre of a grid or meditation space. Each will add a lovely aesthetic and energy to wherever placed.

Points measure 90-110mm high

Quartz is a master healer that can be used for any condition. It also stimulates your immune & energy systems & brings your body into balance.

The unique frequency of Rose Aura Quartz works on your pineal gland & Heart Chakra to transmute deeply rooted doubts about your self-worth into the gift of unconditional love of yourself – as well as connecting you to the powerful energy of Universal love. This is the perfect crystal for anyone who has suffered from body image issues, abuse or who has been deserted or rejected in love.

The dynamic yet gentle energy of Rose Aura Quartz is uplifting yet not overwhelming.

Rose Aura Quartz imbues your whole body with love, restoring your cells to perfect balance. It is said to ease the onset of puberty in girls & early menstrual difficulties in teens; also thought to assist problems with teenage pregnancy, especially if the young woman is unsupported by a partner. Its healing energy is also good for emotional & multidimensional healing, ameliorating anger & soothing burns.

Each piece is cleansed before packaging, and made with the best intentions to promote its specific energy and healing properties.

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