Ethiopian Opal Ring in Sterling Silver - Size 7 3/4 US / P 1/2 UK
Ethiopian Opal Ring in Sterling Silver - Size 7 3/4 US / P 1/2 UK

Ethiopian Opal Ring in Sterling Silver - Size 7 3/4 US / P 1/2 UK

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This stunning and minimal ring features a gorgeous, high vibrational opal from the Welo mines, Ethiopia.

Band size: 7 3/4 US / P 1/2 UK

No rock is quite as pleasing to the eye as Ethiopian opal. This transfixing mineraloid has brilliant flashes of iridescent colour that dance the most mystifying dance in direct light.  It is known as the “Eye Stone,” not merely due to its magnificent appearance, but also because it is believed to aid physical eye troubles.

Ethiopian opal is a hydrophane that forms in nodules within volcanic ash in seams between rhyolite layers. These stones are particularly potent for utilizing Water energy, the energy of quiet strength, healing, fluidity, purification, and regeneration.

Ethiopian opal acts as a prism within the aura, and just like its own vast range of colours, brings a full spectrum of light energy into the body. It creates soothing and cleansing movement within the emotional body, allowing negative traits to surface for transformation and healing. It is a stone of creativity, optimism and enthusiasm, igniting love and passion, releasing inhibitions, and stimulating intuition and cosmic consciousness. It is also a protection stone for deep inner work during meditation, astral travel and shamanic journeying. Overall, Ethiopian opal makes a wonderful talisman for our earthly existence; bringing a joyous light energy which we can reflect outward, and a soothing vibration to aid us inward.

Something very important to note if you are planning on wearing Ethiopian opal jewellery: Do not get it wet! It is porous and water absorbing. If these opals absorb enough water, oil, or any liquid, their appearance may change and they may lose some of their brilliant "fire." Keep them dry and their otherworldly vibrancy will last forever. In this regard, Ethiopian opals require special care, but they are so worth it!

Each piece is cleansed before packaging, and made with the best intentions to promote its specific energy and healing properties.

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