Kunzite Round Bead Bracelet
Kunzite Round Bead Bracelet
Kunzite Round Bead Bracelet
Kunzite Round Bead Bracelet

Kunzite Round Bead Bracelet

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Simple and energetic kunzite bracelet, for those high vibes of love and protection. Great for stacking or wearing on its own. 

Bracelet is elasticated / Approximate circumference 18cm
General look and size shown on model


Kunzite is the stone of Divine Love–love that is unalterable, unquestionable, unshakable, from the highest frequencies–and it activates that resonance of love within you.

Kunzite’s energy is incredibly gentle and kind, fostering a sense of ease around the buried and walled off places in your heart. It can lower the barriers to both giving and receiving love, especially after you’ve felt a sense of hurt or betrayal that has stayed with you. Meditating or holding Kunzite, or laying it on your heart chakra while you focus on your breath, can help you gently release emotional barriers. 

Kunzite can help you tune into and receive messages from your heart. When life becomes cluttered and chaotic, we can spend so much time in our minds that it becomes difficult to even recognize what our heart may be telling us. Try holding a piece of Kunzite while you settle into your breath, and imagine your heart chakra opening to reveal its secret messages to you. What do you hear? Feel? Envision? Kunzite is like an amplifier to help you know where your heart is guiding you.

If you feel self-protective or emotionally guarded, like your heart is closed off or broken, or feel joyless or uninspired, Kunzite will help realign your energy with the highest truth of your being. Kunzite activates a sense of love, belonging and peace just to exist here, in your body, in this moment. That in itself is a miracle. That is Divine Love!

Once that feeling is accessed, it’s a state you can learn to cultivate daily, for peace, serenity, and a sense of ease in following your heart’s highest desires.

Each piece is cleansed before packaging, and made with the best intentions to promote its specific energy and healing properties.

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