Every month we run an extra special sale on the evening of the full moon over at our Instagram page @thehealingpear

Upcoming 2021 full moon dates:
January 28th - Wolf Moon
February 27th - Snow Moon
March 28th - Worm Moon
April 27th - Pink Moon
May 26th - Flower Moon
June 24th - Strawberry Moon
July 24th - Buck Moon
August 22nd - Sturgeon Moon
September 20th - Corn Moon
October 20th - Hunters Moon
November 19th - Beaver Moon
December 19th - Cold Moon

Unless otherwise stated the sale will always begin at 7PM GMT

We thought we’d add some detailed instructions for those not familiar with the general use and features of Instagram.

First thing you want do is open up the Instagram app on your phone or tablet.
Then click the little magnifying glass at the bottom to search for our page.
Just type The Healing Pear and we should pop up.
Once you’re on our page it should look something like this:

From here you then need to open our “stories” section which is where all the products for the sale are featured. To open up our stories section click on the circular logo in the top left of the page. As shown below:

From here you can view all of our stories. Each piece available in the sale will have it’s own individual story which will be either an image or most likely a short video clip. You can pause a specific story by holding your finger down on the centre of the screen and you can scroll through the stories by tapping to the right edge of the screen. 

If you land on a piece that you would like to claim simply type SOLD at the bottom of the story where it says Send message. As seen below:

General instructions and rules

  • Each piece is sold on a first come basis
  • If you would like to purchase a piece respond “sold” to its specific story
  • We will let you know within a few minutes if you were first, and if so we will send you a link to make payment
  • Please make payment within one hour of receiving your payment link
  • Once a piece has sold, its story will be deleted
  • All pieces over £50 will be sent tracked :£8 within the UK | £10 Europe | £11 International

Further information:
Each piece is set in 925 sterling silver and 999 fine silver.
Each pendant includes a chain, length specified.
Be aware that all oxidized silver pieces will likely lighten with time and wear.
All rings come as they are (no resizing on this end)