Amphibole Quartz Point Sterling Silver Necklace
Amphibole Quartz Point Sterling Silver Necklace
Amphibole Quartz Point Sterling Silver Necklace

Amphibole Quartz Point Sterling Silver Necklace

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A stunning and powerful amphibole quartz point set in 925 sterling silver. We recommend it on a sterling silver chain (example of chain shown in last image with a 22" length), though it can also come on adjustable, cruelty free cotton cord; choose black, beige, or brown.

Pendant measures 53mm high including bail
Model picture for chain length reference - 22"

Use this crystal while meditating to keep centered to receive insights and guidance. It may also help you to uncover deeply hidden emotion patterns from childhood traumas and past lives that you may have brought forward into this life to resolve and heal. Healing past life trauma will enable you to move forward more easily with your dreams and aspirations.

Sleeping with an Amphibole Quartz will calm the inner voices that may trouble you causing worry or stress. Try keeping one by your bedside to eliminate insomnia and restlessness. Amphibole Quartz is an exceptional crystal to use for lucid dreaming. Place the crystal beside your bed head or under your pillow and prepare to have peaceful, restful sleep with very informative dreams.

One of the things that makes this quartz so incredible is the combination of the many different minerals contained within this unique type of quartz. The red Hematite keeps one grounded while providing the raw energy and drive to move forward – no matter what obstacles may be thrown up in your path. The yellow Limonite radiates self worth, joy and provides an abundance of personal energy that bursts forth – inspiring both the self and others around you. The pink Lithium provides the energy of Love, empathy for others – and keeps one focused on the all important core values of giving, integrity and selfless light work for the betterment of all. The Kaolinite channels in Crown Chakra energy providing inspiration and connection with the Angelic realm – funneling pure white light into everything that one does.

Each piece is cleansed before packaging, and made with the best intentions to promote its specific energy and healing properties.