A glimpse of most of Tuesday’s full moon collection, all about those pink energies, keeping us warm into fall 💘
Is anything jumping out at you?

The selection includes pink moonstone, tourmaline, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, pink sapphire, and pink opal 💞 Over the next few days leading up to the release, I'll be sharing detailed shots of a lot of these pieces on our instagram page. I hope you're feeling it!

This collection will go live on September 21st at 7pm GMT

Every month we run an extra special sale on the evening of the full moon

  • All pieces will go live here at 7pm
  • Individual piece previews will begin from 6pm on our instagram stories
  • Each story will have the option to swipe up to purchase from 7pm 

  • If you have any questions get in touch HERE
  • Head to our instagram page HERE