This collection will go live on July 13th at 7pm GMT

Oh hi… it’s been a while and it’s definitely time to show you this very warm, very prehistoric collection 🦖

I’ve been so darn excited about this collection (mainly due to my passion for prehistoric reptiles and amber), and then illness struck our house! We’re finally feeling a bit better and are counting on the warmth of these gems and the power in this upcoming full moon to pull us through 🌕

Let me tell you a little bit about what you’re looking at: Baltic amber, mosasaur teeth (!!), chunky tourmaline, auralite 23, and mango quartz. Each pendant is set in either sterling silver or gold vermeil, and comes on adjustable cotton cord or sterling silver chain (length of your choosing). 

How does the full moon sale work?

Every month we run an extra special sale on the evening of the full moon

  • All pieces will go live here at 7pm
  • Individual piece previews will begin from 6pm on our instagram stories & reels
  • If you have any questions get in touch HERE
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