Forest Ritual Meditation Oil
Forest Ritual Meditation Oil

Forest Ritual Meditation Oil

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Forest Ritual is an essential oil blend of diverse scents from forests all over the world. It is our spin on an ancient blend that is meant to get you in the zone for meditation. It consists of high and therapeutic grade essential oils of four varieties of frankincense, two varieties of myrrh, palo santo, Douglas fir, sandalwood and cedarwood, blended with organic and cold pressed jojoba oil. It comes in a 10ml roller bottle for easy application to wrists, third eye, and lava stone. This blend can be used for meditation and every day wear as a perfume. 100% natural ingredients. 

In order to decide on this final mixture, we tested many of the same types of essential oils from the top ethical and therapeutic grade brands for the best scents. This has left us with a product we're so proud of and personally use every day.

 • Myrrh: a blend of two species from Yemen and North Africa
 • Frankincense: a blend of resin from northeast Africa and the Arabian peninsula: Boswellia carterii, Boswellia frereana, Boswellia papyrifera, and Boswellia sacra.
 • Cedarwood: the Atlas mountains of Morocco
 • Palo Santo: Wild harvested from fallen branches in Ecuador 
 • Sandalwood: India
 • Douglas Fir: New Zealand

 • For topical use only
 • Apply to wrists, third eye, and directly onto lava stone beads
 • Possible skin sensitivity. Do not use if you are 
allergic to any of the ingredients listed above
 • Do not use while pregnant
 • Keep out of reach of children

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