Smoky Quartz Round Bead Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Round Bead Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Round Bead Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Round Bead Bracelet

Smoky Quartz Round Bead Bracelet

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Simple and energetic smoky quartz bracelet, for powerful grounding and protection. Great for stacking or wearing on its own.

Bracelet is elasticated / Approximate circumference 18cm
General look and size shown on model

Smoky Quartz is a very powerful stone, it is said to emit a strongly protective energy. It helps ground the user and is effective when used for working with the lower Chakras.

Smoky Quartz is one of the best crystals for absorbing and transmuting negative energies. It is also very good for pain relief.

Whilst this stone has a slow and solid energy, it is still very powerful in it’s action. Smoky Quartz can facilitate meditation, helping to heighten awareness and deepen the mental state, while simultaneously pulling away negative energies from the aura and keeping you centered.

It is also said that Smoky Quartz can help integrate spiritual energy and messages from other dimensions integrating them into the the physical form.

For people living with cancer this lovely stone is a wonderful addition for helping in the treatment of radiation related illnesses that arise due to chemotherapy.

It has a great reputation also for general detoxification.

Another of its many gifts is beating insomnia as it calms the emotions and grounds the spirit…what's not to love?!

Each piece is cleansed before packaging, and made with the best intentions to promote its specific energy and healing properties.

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